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Want More Kids to Pay Attention to World History? Play Them 90 Day Fiancé

In a recent episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, couple Tiffany and Ronald visit a hospital in South Africa to tour the labor and delivery floor. Tiffany is a sparky young woman from America who falls for Ronald from South Africa despite his gambling addiction and questionable male friendships. Did I mention his criminal past? Shortly thereafter getting married Tiffany learns that she’s pregnant. While touring the public hospital she discovers that due to limited resources Ronald would not be allowed in the delivery room and even worse, with overcrowding there’s a possibility she might have to give birth on the floor! They can deliver in a private hospital, but it’s pricey. And that’s how I learned about the healthcare system in South Africa.

Do you remember how awful K-12 history textbooks were? I remember they focused on dates, details, facts, and figures while neglecting the story element. I was always filling in little blank spaces with (what felt like) useless elements. I hated history until I got to college. What changed? Well, first I was blessed to go to William and Mary, which had a top rate history program. But more than that none of my professors cared about dry elements of history.

More educational programming should incorporate love stories, narrative elements, and people making questionable decisions like flying half-way around the world to marry someone who is much better off focusing on their recovery. People throughout history have all sorts of issues (mental illness, infidelity, gut-wrenching marriages, etc.), but educational programming always leaves that shit out. Put it in there. Kids will watch.

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